In its more than 50 years of tradition, CPK, d.d., Company for Road Maintenance, Construction, and other Business Services has strengthened its presence in the regions of Primorska and Notranjska. Our clear development strategy – to strengthen our position among the most influential companies in construction and road maintenance and construction of other facilities in Slovenia and in neighbouring countries – also strengthens our position on a broader scale.

 Construction is an activity in which only those with the strongest human resources, who have stable capital, are adaptable and development-oriented can survive. Already some years ago, we decided on a path of progress, growth, and increased performance, which we continue to build on our years of tradition, experience, and expertise.

High-quality work, a responsible attitude towards our employees, business partners, and the environment allow us to generate long-term and stable growth of the company.

 The main objectives of the company: 
 · Profitability
 · Long-term development
 · Employee satisfaction
 · Reputation

Strategic objectives of the company:
 · Strategic objectives of the company
 · Rational and effective operation
 · Satisfaction of business partners and the environment
 · Qualifications and motivation of employees
 · Achieving a competitive advantage in technological development 

about us

CPK d.d., družba za vzdrževanje cest, gradbeništvo in druge poslovne storitve
Ulica 15. maja 14
6000 Koper

Telephone: +386 5 663 02 00
Telephone: +386 5 663 02 14

Fax: +386 5 663 02 60


Tax ID: 63624443
Registration number: 5069041

Offices of company CPK d.d. are located at Reška cesta 47, 6240 Kozina.

Transaction accounts:

ABANKA D.D.SI56 0510 0801 0055 691
ADDIKO BANK D.D.SI56 3300 0000 1066 021
GORENJSKA BANKA D.D.SI56 0700 0000 1064 956
DBS D.D.SI56 1910 0001 0151 007
SBERBANK D.D.SI56 3000 0000 6249 649