quality and the environment

Koper, January 2012


Already some years ago, our company decided on a path of progress and increased performance, to which the ISO 9001 also contributed and which we decided to obtain in 2000.

We decided for the ISO 9001 standard, since it is being used by numerous successful organisations in the world and in Slovenia, and we wanted to achieve the operational excellence of our company following this path too.

This standard enables us to overcome obstacles on the market, which is becoming increasingly demanding, and helps us combating competition, since it allowed us to uncover the “behind the scenes” and its inner workings.

The most important reason for introducing the quality management standards were, in fact, and still are the requirements of the national and municipal bodies, which enable us to carry out work with their projects.

The quality management standards are not, however, our final objective, but merely a tool to achieve the operational successfulness of our company, which we all wish for.

Chairman of the Management Board


Koper, March 2014


With this statement the management of CPK, d.d. undertakes to develop and implement its business processes by taking into consideration the fundamental principles of sustainable development at all our locations and in all those areas where we carry out our services.

The company's priority is to protect and preserve the environment in accordance with the ISO 14001 standards, Environmental management and the company’s Quality Rules.

When implementing the task for achieving this objective the company applies a strategy based on:

- ensuring such an efficiency of business operations, which is suitable for the environment in terms of its nature, scope, impacts of the company’s activities or its products and services;
- a constant pollution prevention, emission reduction and selection of clean sources of energy;
- the commitment to comply with environmental legislation, secondary regulations and relevant environmental regulations of local communities, and appropriately documenting this conduct in accordance with the standard;
- the commitment to constantly improve the existing state in the field of environmental management, so as to monitor, analyse and compare all environmental aspects with the best practices and in doing so introduce the best available technology;
- extensively informing all persons involved in the operations of the company, including all employees in the company and business partners. 

In carrying out the tasks for achieving the set environmental policy, CPK, d.d. is open for cooperation with the public by positively and appropriately responding to initiatives and issues, and thus contributing to a coordinated sustainable development of the company and the environment.

Chairman of the Management Board