Carriageway resurfacing of R2-409/310 Matavun - Kozina from km 4,847 to 5.700 in G1-7/355 Podgrad - Obrov from km 1,217 to 1,437 and from km 1,666 to 2,050
Construction of the road through the Križ settlement
Investment and maintenance work on highway and expressway surfaces
Reconstruction of the Griže local road - Sela road turning
Cesta na Polane road - infrastructure construction 2
Reconstruction of the Šepulje - Dobavlje road
Demolition and modification of toll station - group 1
Rehabilitation of municipal roads in the Rožnik settlement area
Construction of the municipal infrastructure in Hrašče
Construction works for the four-lane highway with roundabout on the K3 Ankaranska cesta road in Koper
Construction works for the road through Begunje
Resurfacing of the Divača - Famlje road
Construction of the cycling and school route in Vrhnika
Update of the unpaved road II Bistrica - Grda Draga
Carriageway renovation Ajdovščina - Selo, Selo - Vogrsko
Rehabilitation of dangerous location on main roads and local roads in the Republic of Slovenia


Reconstruction of thje local road Podčelo - Podlipa, 3rd phase
Construction of a roundabout near the Court in Kranj
Renovation of Feiblova ulica street
Construction of a municipal and traffic infrastructure of the Izletniška ulica street in Ljubljana
Sports grounds in Podkraj
Update of the municipal roads Velike Bloke and Volčje
Construction of a roundabout on the transport path T1 by warehouse 19
Renovation of the carriageway R3-754, sect. 1493 Planina - Unec
Carriageway resurfacing of Starod-Podgrad Koper-Dragonja
K1 roundabout in Sežana
Carriageway resurfacing of R2-409/310 Matavun - Kozina
Reconstruction of road R3-622/6848 Goriče - Kal, phase 2 b
Rehabilitation - expansion of dangerous narrow section on the road R3-624/3721 Loka-Podpeč-Rakitovec
Road resurfacing and construction of a new sidewalk at the location Na Pristavi


Sewer system construction in Kazarje
Asphalting the road Sinja Gorica
Rehabilitation of area stricken by landslide in LC Otalež - Jazne


Reinforcement of storage and manipulative surfaces of the container terminal (DEPO phase A) in the Port of Koper
Connection of the Južna cesta road in Izola to the current Obalna cesta road
Smaller investment and maintenance work on highway and expressway surfaces
Expressway on the section of the expressway Koper - Izola


Resurfacing of the road G1-7 Podgrad - Obrov and construction of passageways for pedestrians through Podgrad
Municipal equipment of the industrial zone in Ilirska Bistrica, 1st phase
Construction of the main road through the Seča settlement area
Long-distance cycling connection D8 MMP Škofije- MMP Sečovlje
Replacement of artificial grass and upgrade of footpaths in the Bonifka sports park
Reconstruction of the Sončno nabrežje road in Izola with corresponding municipal infrastructure


Resurfacing of the roads Pudob - Babno polje and Rakek - Logatec
Renovation of the carriageway structure in Gabrk - Kozina in Divača - Kozina and construction of the KK and TK networks
C road to Business park Lucija - connection to the 3rd segment
Construction of the resting area Bertor on the Dolnji Zemon section
G2-106/0261 Škofljica - Rašica road, upgrade of the lane for slow vehicles
Reconstruction of the Gornje Ležeče road
Construction of a sidewalk, including supporting walls and public lighting by the Belokriška cesta road
Sewer system and waste water treatment plant Podgrad - 1st phase
Construction works for the K3 roundabout in Ilirska Bistrica
Resurfacing of the roads Pudob - Babno polje and Rakek - Logatec
Goriče - Gorenje jezero water distribution system