Throughout our history, we have successfully constructed numerous facilities and have become known to the public as construction experts, strategists, and technologists, which ensures a strong position in the national market and opens opportunities to establish ourselves in the international market.

Our professionally and technically qualified staff, modern asphalt paving teams for automated and manual installation of asphalt and up-to-date construction machinery make us an important player in the field of road construction in Slovenia and beyond.

We have transferred our experience that we have gained in the construction of roads to the construction of sewerage networks, landscaping, construction of parking lots, sports and recreational facilities, petrol stations, rehabilitation of areas stricken by landslides and slumps, and similar facilities.

With our professionally trained and experienced employees we are ready for novelties and changes. We manufacture many incorporated materials ourselves and carry out quality control for most incorporated materials. We constantly train our employees and familiarise them with new technologies and different systems of construction.

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