asphalt plant

Some years ago, we decided on a path of planned searching and ensuring the highest standard of quality. The Senožeče asphalt plant was technologically and ecologically upgraded in 2016.  The asphalt plant, made by Benninghoven, has a capacity of 160 tonnes of asphalt mixture per hour. The technological process is automated and enables the production of quality asphalt mixtures for carrier and barrier layers.

The asphalt plant has a laboratory with advanced equipment and a professional and qualified personnel. The laboratory is certified by competent national authorities for quality control of asphalt mixtures and the paving control at construction sites.

Increasing the level of quality of the performed work and the control of costs have led us to organise our business operations in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards. The mixture of materials of tested quality we use and the standardised quality of operations will further increase the level of our services and will result in the satisfaction of customers upon the takeover of facilities

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