Črni Kal quarry

The Črni Kal quarry is the oldest quarry in the region of Primorska, as the quarrying of materials in this territory dates back to pre-WWII times. The initially manual loading or raw materials has been modernised and mechanised today. 

In terms of its petrographic and mechanical properties, the quarried limestone is considered high-quality raw material.  

Within the quarry, materials are processed into sand, crushed stone, and sub-base materials that are suitable for concrete and road structures. The quarry also produces chippings (blasted or graded) and blocks of various sizes for the protection of the seashore and watercourses. The capacity of the crushing plant is 75,000 m3 of crushed materials annually. 

Main characteristics of the stones and fractions:

    Frost resistance: 0 % pressure: 214 Mpa wear at grinding according to JUS B.B8.05: 9.2 cm3/cm2

The quarry produces the following fractions:

  • ground sand 0 - 4 mm,
  • crushed stone 4 - 8, 8 – 16 and 16 - 32 mm,
  • sub-base materials and ground sub-base materials 0–32 and 0–125 mm.

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